"I begin with paper, a pen, and so many thoughts, and then focus on each mark. With each stroke of pen or brush, I more fully appreciate that life is made up of seconds, choices made in seconds, memories overlapped and woven through our lives in seemingly endless strands of seconds. Of course, these strands are not endless at all.


"One day, it is a full life––hopefully long but perhaps so short that it breaks your heart. In any case, an entire life. And these little marks? They could outlast a life. Or, they could get chewed by a dog. They are not permanent, though they could definitely outlast an actual memory.


"I don't know if a scientist can look inside of a brain and see a memory there. Does one sort of memory look different from another? Where are those memories kept and how are they kept? I wish I had the mind of a scientist, but I don't. So, I make these marks on pages and think about life, love, and all those seconds that add up. After all, that's all any of us can do. Make the moments, make them well, and then hold the memories as best we can."

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